What is Attachment Theory?

Even prior to birth, social factors are at work shaping individuals’ values and beliefs. There is mounting evidence that the conditions experienced in the womb are at least as important as genetics in determining how we perform mentally and physically during life.

Attachment theory suggests humans have an innate drive to form attachment with others. Secure attachment is characterized by having a sense of self, as being worthy of love and the belief that others are available and dependable. This is achieved by having reliable and available caregivers who become the attachment figures. These attachment figures provide the infant/child with a secure base from which to motivate exploration of the environment and lead emotionally fulfilling lives.


The Power of Belief

There is little doubt that people’s beliefs shape their actions. Scientific research combined with clinical trials supports the theory that our thoughts have the power to create brain patterns which impact on our emotional and physical responses to life events. Quite simply what we hold true shapes our social reality and that of those around us.

Think how often some one you know repeatedly comes up against the same problems in their relationships or life situations. They will continue to plead that they just don’t understand why they keep attracting people or scenarios into their lives that make them feel neglected and in some instances abused. Well dig a little deeper and it is likely that they will discover repressed emotion and a subconscious drive to continue to reinforce a negative self belief. To give you some idea of this in action read on…